Outdoor areas can be an extension of your home. Don’t limit your usable space by neglecting your porch, patio and garden areas.
A lot of times use of color is fabric driven. Pull inspiration for a room’s color palette out of a pillow or upholstery. Then look to paint suppliers like Sherwin-Williams.
Lighting is one of the easiest ways to update a room, whether you are adding a petite desk lamp or a floor lamp to brighten the entire space.
When you walk in the house, you should have that aha! moment. It’s about making rooms that people feel good in.
When shopping for a sofa, sit in it the way you will at home or lie on it to test its comfort level.
To keep a white room from looking too bland, add colorful light fixtures for a subtle pop of color while also providing plenty of functional accent lighting.
Create a recessed workstation in any corner of any room or beneath a staircase using simple floating shelves, accent lighting, and seating.

Writing Desks

Is your home office space small? Are you wondering how you’re going to fit a desk, some chairs, filing cabinets, and more into the small room? Well don’t give it anymore thought because I have the perfect solution for you. Consider using a writing desk in the room instead of a traditional office desk.

Black Writing Desk

Why would I say add a writing desk? Well it’s simple. A writing desk doesn’t take up as much space and because they are so open, they help make the room feel larger. You don’t have to worry about losing out on storage space, because most of our writing desks have drawers in them. Like traditional desks, writing desks can be set up in the middle of the room facing the door, or against a wall or window.

White Writing Desk

Writing desks are also great because they are less expensive than the larger desks. But don’t let cheaper price fool you either. Our desks are still made with the best wood and are built to last. We’re just saving you money on your furniture purchase so you can spend it on other items to decorate the room.

So start furnishing your small home office now. Browse through our collection of writing desks now and choose the perfect one for your room!

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